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View360 -

AI driven business experience (BX) management platform

Are you monitoring your return on experience (ROX) metric?

Leverage AI powered, View360 platform to deliver connected experiences across organization.

Customer experience

Customers expect the highest & latest standards such as a friction-free, intuitive, omni-channel experience... Read More

Operational experience

Companies must keep proactive IT optimization and management in tune with business needs... Read More

Leadership experience

Leaders require deep insights such as predictive business management analytics & proactive insights by function... Read More

Employee experience

Employees demand increased engagement in a workplace that is increasingly globalized, remote, and cross-functional... Read More

The market is shifting from ROI to ROX

Return on investment (ROI)

An overly transactional and siloed approach that generates negative externalities from areas like employee satisfaction.

Return on experience (ROX)

A holistic and integrated approach that creates more value by measuring value beyond just short-term dollars captured.

View360 solution stack

View360 is a vertically adaptable and horizontally fungible platform that can host a digital replica of an entire organizations’ operations,
workflows, tools, and data to better manage its Business Experience (BX).

Insight modeler

Map the entire organization experience. Digitally maps an entire organization Without changing existing functions or workflows. We build powerful speciality ai algorithms and data models to solve your stratetegic business priorities.

Digital business twin modeller

Redefine your strategic priorities with the power of your data. Build and deploy enterprise AI applications and models to optimize and streamline your operations. Digitally map and connect your data, processes and people in an integrated, no code platform.

Unification modeller

Integrate your existing IT assets as per your business flow. Integrate ANY living digital asset (IT, tech,or data) into View360 to empower and centralize all existing systems.

Why View360?

The first platform that can digitally map a View360 of a company’s entire BX.

Wildfire mitigation

Our AI powered solution for the burning problem

An Integrated solution from fire risk identification to evacuation plan in an event of wildfire. We cover it all for you.

  1. Risk assessment & mapping
  2. Situational awareness
  3. Process automations
  4. Wildfire response programs

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