How Digital Process Transformation is making On-Field Activities more transparent?

FSM Solution

For most of the organizations, efficiently managing end-to-end activities of the field force has turned out to be an operationally complex task. Due to the presence of variables like scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and billing, it becomes tedious, time-consuming and difficult to keep track of all the unpredictable changes that could occur at any time. Lack of proper documentation, human error, and irrelevant information always hampers the growth of many companies in these situations.

With the emergence of technologically advanced digital solutions, more and more companies are devising ways to come up with smart solutions that can manage mobile workforce and field service operations. In order to accomplish this, field service providers are now shifting their focus to Field Service Management (FSM) technology.

What is FSM technology?

Today, more and more service providers have switched to mobile devices. It has been estimated that over 75% of field service providers will be using mobile apps by 2020. As per reports, the field service market will account for over 3.5 billion euros by 2022.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, FSM technology can be used to automate and integrate the field operations of a team of service professionals using mobile systems. In this system, the information that is generated in one corner of the organization gets updated everywhere and becomes instantly accessible from both mobile and desktop devices.

Many companies are now discovering the value of cloud-based FSM solutions and exploring economical ways of data storage. As the demand of customers and the logistics of managing field teams increase in complexity, business leaders are looking for innovative ways to effectively and efficiently manage and sort massive amounts of data to improve the productivity of their field service teams.

EpikView360 is a field service management solution that aims to manage a mobile workforce, reduce operational and fuel costs, improve deliverability and productivity of your field service teams.

Experts say that FSM apps will provide smarter solutions that will go beyond scheduling, invoicing, signing, and tracking. Not only this, service technicians will have updated information on the availability of spare parts at any time. In case of emergencies, they will be able to access integrated device manuals, training videos, and accumulated knowledge for assistance.

An automated FSM solution can be defined as a system that is designed to keep track of the various components of field operations like vehicle tracking, inventory management, customer portals, scheduling and more. These components are managed through a cloud-based portal which can be accessed from anywhere using mobile devices.

A sophisticated FSM solution allows the staff in the office to instantly and efficiently update information and synchronize changes on the fly. At the same time, the technicians will also be able to access these changes and inform customers of progression from time to time. Everything from tracking the efficiency of the staff members to empowering customers can be controlled using a well-integrated FM solution.

Benefits of using FSMsolution:

FSM Benefits

  • Better relationship with customers: FSM solutions impact the customer in a variety of different ways. It allows employees at all levels to know their customers better, solve their queries within the promised time and engage with them in new ways.
  • Fewer delays and setbacks: When the systems are automated and integrated, it means that any employee who has access, can view updated information and reciprocate the same to customers on demand. In case of delays and setbacks, the progress can be tracked and status can be instantly updated and shared with the customer with revised alerts and expectations.
  • Enhanced productivity: With the advent of automated FSM tools, it is easier to boost the productivity of both the managers and technicians by integrating algorithms that enhance scheduling and provide access to real-time data from any device. One can easily monitor the current status of the job through live video feeds and real-time analytics.
  • Instant solutions to queries: Mobile devices, powered by FSM technology, allow field service workers to find a relevant solution to any problem of the customer. They can instantly access live videos, user manual or consult the extensive hub of knowledge to remove as many obstacles as possible in the best manner.
  • Immediate access to updated information: Sometimes, there are situations where the customers are asked to wait for long or are required to get in touch with multiple parties for data or send a request through a number of links. With the help of automated FSM tools, Technicians will be able to access the same pool of data, including customer sales data, service tickets, or invoicing history, as everyone in the organization. They will be able to share updated information with the customers immediately and deliver accurate information to customers without making them wait for hours.


For every company, efficient resource management holds a lot of importance. Any kind of asset or resource, be it vehicles, expensive inventory, heavy machinery or even manpower can turn out to be extremely costly if they are misused or not being utilized properly. These flaws can have a direct impact on the operating margins of the company. Using the latest FSM tools, it is now possible for companies to create new ways to get the most out of their resources and control costs. In a well-integrated FSM solution, systems can quickly and reliably communicate with each other and every department in the organization operates more efficiently.

FSM technology has impacted the field resource management system throughout a number of diverse industries. This automated system has created numerous benefits for different types of organizations across the globe. Several companies across various industries are adopting this new technology to optimize the working of the field force.

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