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The Role Of LSI Keywords in SEO

The Role Of LSI Keywords in SEO

Using LSI Keywords

The importance of using appropriate keyword for the SEO of a website cannot be challenged. Using appropriate keywords and placing them properly in the content could affect the content’s ranking in the search engines. Few people have a myth of squeezing in more than the required keywords at as many places as possible; this is known as Keyword Stuffing. Google has set up some rules for using keywords and penalizes websites for “Keyword Stuffing”. As a result, search engines might flag your website for over optimization.

To avoid this situation, one must use a technique known as

LSI keywords.

LSI stands for

Latent Semantic Indexing

and it helps the search engines to determine what your content is all about. With

LSI keywords,

search engines analyse your content and try to discover other terms could be synonyms or plurals, associated with your primary keywords. Therefore, if you have ‘Windows’ in your content, you must logically use words like Bill Gates, Microsoft, Windows 10 or Windows Cloud. These words will let the search engine differentiate between your content and other searches related to ‘Glass windows’ or ‘Wooden window locks’.

So by being more specific with keywords related to your primary keywords, your content can rank well in search engines without being penalized.

How is LSI related to SEO?

LSI Keywords

LSI allows search engines to understand what your content is about and its relationship to a specific keyword. A well-written article or a blog along with appropriate keywords will make the search engines read your content like humans do and improve its chances of getting ranked higher in search results.


How to find LSI keywords for your content?

There are a number of tools that can be used to identify the most appropriate LSI keywords for your text. They are:

  • Through search engines
  • Google Keyword Research Tool
  • LSI keywords Tools like:Keys4up, Niche Niche Laboratory, KWFinder,Ultimate Keyword Hunter,Semantic Link.
  • SEO tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush
  • Other paid tools like Market Sumari and Long-Tail Pro

What are the Benefits of using LSI Keyword?

Some of the main benefits of using LSI keywords are:

  • Improve your ranking in search results: A well-optimized content with moderate use of primary keywords will have a high ranking in search engines. Search engines also check the content for LSI keywords while indexing the content of a website.
  • Stay safe from penalties: Proper use of LSI keywords in your content will differentiate it from being marked as spam. Stay away from the practice of keyword stuffing to avoid penalties.
  • Grabs the attention of more readers: Most of the readers scan the articles in minutes and go to the next one if they don’t like your content. Using LSI keywords, your content will look more natural, attention-grabbing and appropriate.
  • Use more relevant keywords: There is no need to unnecessarily stuff your content with redundant keyword phrases anymore. Use as many LSI keyphrases as you desire to make your content unique and searchable in search engines.

Using LSI keywords, in addition to your primary keywords, makes your content more relevant and readable. It also prevents you from over stuffing your content with keywords and complies with search engine algorithm and guidelines. The more readable, knowledgeable and precise your content is, the better it will be for your content to increase its rank in search results.

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