GPO HEALTH has Selected Epik Solutions as a Vendor of Choice

GPO Vendorship with Epikso

GPO HEALTH is excited to announce Epik Solutions (Epikso) as a vendor of choice in their Group Purchasing Organization (GPO).  GPO HEALTH’s vision is to utilize technology to accelerate industry change in healthcare and release savings to support clients as they improve and save lives.  “With Covid-19, dialogue supporting vendor process and pricing optimization innovation is accelerating within every company.  The need to save dollars to survive and at the same time continue to invest in evolution, is on the CEO agenda.”  says Jeffrey Heenan-Jalil, CEO & Founder, GPO HEALTH.  “Epikso embodies this mission and is working with us to equalize the inequitable balance in profits between the IT Services industry and the Health sector.”

One of the main challenges Epikso and GPO HEALTH will tackle is the lack of real time transparency to IT services pricing and the growth in IT expenses that continue to rise year by year.  By leveraging GPO HEALTH’s technology and expertise in the healthcare industry, Epikso will develop and deploy solutions to provide high quality talent and services on a near-real-time basis at a competitive market rate.  This collaborative approach is expected to deliver savings to clients in the range of 12-18% year on year.

“Technology has been playing a critical role in every aspect of healthcare for decades.  Addressing this market, Epikso has been assisting healthcare providers with Digital transformational solutions that have provided businesses with crucial insights, these have helped companies standardize their processes and effectively utilize all their resources.” Says Ashish Kataria, CEO Epikso.  “We know we can add value to GPO HEALTH clients and are excited to partner with GPO Health to drive cost & impact transformational services.”

GPO HEALTH has developed a single unified AI platform for clients and vendors which aggregates client IT services spend through a Price and Quality Comparison Marketplace. This provides transparency to the lowest “near real-time” pricing for all IT services renewals and new projects. Our AI technology platform creates a new market, disrupts a trillion-dollar industry (IT services), and targets the old redundant business processes (Procurement and Accounts Payable). This Platform delivers reports on cost avoidance, cost recovery, and future savings potential for clients. At the same time this technology platform, with its complex algorithms, extracts data and images from IT Services Statement of Works, Change Orders, and Invoices; creating a unique single view for contract management, accounts payable, and IT projects to track progress. The machine learning capability identifies cost & process deviations of IT projects against vendor payments from the start through to final delivery of the project.

We provide an entry point for new and existing vendors who have delivered like for like services based on our clients upcoming requirements.  We can lower the vendors’ cost of sale by reducing the time it takes to negotiate these agreements.  We facilitate connections with senior CxO’s and key decision makers within client organizations helping vendors build deeper relationships.  For more information, visit

About Epikso
Epikso is a global technology company that embraces creativity and diversity using technology to inspire and implement solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Epikso is an IT leader that is known for developing and providing organizations with Digital transformational solutions. The services capability and offerings Epikso has developed have provided businesses with critical insights that have helped companies standardize their process and effectively utilize all their resources. For more information, visit

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