How View360 is helping government agencies simplify their work?

Government work is filled with repetitive processes and mundane day to day tasks. That is why the US government leadership is continuing to encourage and clear a path for the rapid adoption of BPA across all government processes. This adoption will allow the government to solve the long-standing worker issues and allow government employees to reduce and eliminate their backlogs, eliminate compliance issues and other challenges, improve throughput, and save time and precious taxpayer dollars.

How The Government Is Redefining Its Work Using AI and BPA (In View360)

Business process automation is already used by many businesses to streamline processes such as employee onboarding, accounts payable, contract management, and more. But when it comes to government agencies, their operational process can be a little more complicated. That is why even the GSA has announced that it would lead BPA implementations across all the government agencies to create an RPA Community of Practice. Through this adoption, GSA believes they can address the wide-scale challenges faced by both the agencies and citizens. They will address issues by-

Re-engineering and improving processes through AI automation

Government processes have many workflows that include documents to perform a particular activity. A no-code BPA / View360 system helps government agencies structure these in a streamlined manner, classify incoming documents, and extract data from high accuracy documents. Furthermore, the BPA system’s AI bots can raise alerts and reminders for concerned parties when a process milestone is achieved, and further action is required.

Government Workflow Automation
Increasing the efficiency of existing operations

After the government agencies streamline their workflow, they will develop a high-productivity user interface that helps them examine, validate, and even reconcile the information extracted using the AI model. The View360 Government BPA model is an intuitive user interface that allows the user to compare the document and the extracted data side-by-side and perform any reconciliation.

Completing more work with fewer resources

Document procurement and extraction are one of the leading issues facing most governmental agencies. What further complicates this process is the number of steps either before or after the document processing step. The View360 system is entirely modular and can integrate your current or future APIs. It allows agencies to use their APIs to start document processing, check on the document’s status using View360, and retrieve the extracted documented data upstream or downstream business processes.

Government Workflow Automation Dashboard
Reducing costs over time

Currently, processing complex documents at scale with inputs from people is required to ensure smooth processing. View360 is built to change this status quo by providing seamless interaction between people and AI. When the AI is not confident, it will ask a person to review and provide inputs and learn from people’s interactions. These simple interactions will allow it to grow and enable it to become smarter and reduce operational costs in the future.

Reducing processing errors and labor costs

Agencies use government workers to provide inputs to make the classification and extraction of documented data more accurate. The more documents they process, the more their ability to extract information deteriorates. That is why human error accounts for most of the processing errors in the government’s current operations. On the other hand, the View360 AI will improve its ability to classify accurately and extract information and decrease the need for human involvement solving two critical challenges at once.

Government Workflow Automation Dashboard
Reducing process cycle times

View360 and it’s integrated AI is designed and developed with the functionality for automatically classifying requirements, auto-filing documents, suggesting procurement paths, and integrating with federal sites and applications that lack modern integration capabilities. Moreover, if any revision is required, collaboration with other concerned members happens directly in the application and not in long and confusing email threads. All these factors significantly reduce process times and help both the government and citizens.

In conclusion, View360 brings government workers, citizens, and cutting-edge AI to solve critical document processing problems on a large scale. Its implementation is fast and easy for all government agencies without the use of specialists specializing in either coding or with ML/AI skills.

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