Developing sophisticated automated operations quickly with View360 for higher education

University administrators and higher education providers face unique challenges. They have to perform high-volume tasks and processes with multiple steps daily reliably. These repetitive, time-consuming, and frustrating tasks result in inefficiencies and errors. View360’s rule-based automation protocols transform this old fashioned pen and paper approach to a more human-centric solution that is cutting down 60% of an organization’s with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Educational organizations that have adopted View360 are using it as a virtual employee to save costs, provide quality, sustain growth, and make processes more personable for teachers, students, parents, and the administration.

Modernizing education through View360

These processes can be broken into three parts –

  1. Back office
  2. Hybrid
  3. Student Facing
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Back Office Processes

The back office in the education industry process usually mirrors others in the private sector. They are known for helping improve the business operations of the organization.

Cutting Expenses

View360 allows institutions to create automated workflows through simple drag and drop feature without any coding. Through these workflows, the AI in View360 can assume many back-office roles, perform repetitive tasks, perform high-volume jobs at a lower cost and faster than humans.

Improving Productivity

One constant teacher complaint is that they are assigned with monotonous admin activities they have to do instead of channeling their energy on more rewarding and productive activities to helps their students. View360 allows the teachers to manage a massive volume of tasks with little to no human interventions within the allotted timeframe.

Employee Onboarding

Onboarding of new employees has mostly remained the same for the past two decades. AI in View360 is changing this status quo by creating a warmer, more engaging, and more emotionally connected onboarding process. Through this new automated process, HR can reduce the dependencies on filling out paper forms by collecting valuable employee data in one place and spend more time welcoming new employees and assisting them with their new roles.

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Increasing Compliance

Strict, pre-determined rules govern rule-based automation protocols. These are perfect for recognizing rules for compliance and executing internal reviews. View360 helps educational organizations remove inconsistency among the disparate sources without room for ambiguity and easily follow internal and governmental compliance rules.

Finance Management

Time-consuming activities like payroll processing, tracking payments, managing vendor, maintaining complex records, managing the inventory, and already rule-based but performed manually. These tasks can be easily inputted into View360 and automated to increase the organization’s efficiency and free up employees to perform more meaningful tasks.

Hybrid Processes

These are processes that are not directly student-facing but help students with their functions. Automating these processes can help employees spend more time interacting with students and handling their cases.

Shortlisting Admissions

Administrators are responsible for manually reviewing all the student applications, shortlisting students on eligible criteria, notifying them about their selection, collecting relevant documents from them, and then validating those documents to complete the enrolment process. This process is time-consuming and error-prone and can easily be fixed with a mix of document management and process management in the View360 solution.

Attendance Management

Managing attendance is a crucial task for teachers who are in charge of keeping track of students and for the administrators responsible for maintaining it from the educational institute’s staff. With the help of View360, universities and institutes are reimagining this mundane task with just a click and by sending automated notifications to parents and other concerned people. For the staff, AI can help build automated reports to simplify the staff’s salary processes.

Planning And Communication

Every educational institution engages in several activities. They plan events, programs, meetings, training, etc. To perform these activities, they have to make equipment reservations, create schedules, update timetables, and much more. These tasks require verification of all the concerned speakers, hosts, and attendees. View360 can help streamline these complicated tasks with automated and standardized workflows that will verify these processes’ completion and send out alerts and notification to every concerned individual.

Student Facing Processes

These processes directly interact with students and data inputted by them. This automation enables students to provide their data so that teachers and administrators can go through it quickly and come back with feedback and increase human interactions with them.

Admission Assistance

Students have to go through multiple complex processes when registering for admission in a particular course. In this process, they can face many challenges. View360 and its AI, through its integrated chatbot, can raise these queries, inquiries, and issues to the administration and serve the parents and students solve these challenges on time to enroll in the institution and continue their learning without any hassles.

Improving Student Performance

View360 can easily cater to students learning remotely, without the teacher being present. The View360 AI works 24/7 and 365 days a year. It provides consistent quality while operating in diverse environments and helps students from all walks of life have meaningful learning experiences that help them learn quickly and improves their overall experience.

Automatic Grading

View360 brings machine learning and its optimized education algorithms to help institutions easily quantify their student performance. With just a click, teachers can go through thousands of essays, home works, quizzes and tests, papers, and projects and grade them with ease. This helps educational organizations lower their waste, optimize their resources, and bring value to students by providing quicker grades.

Student Support

View360 provides an institution with the ability to quickly extract student grades from the database and other related information to help a student through its chatbot. The chatbot can also remind the student of missed or forgotten information and help guide them through the challenges they face or raise their issues with the administration and teachers when required.

Parent Support

Earlier, parents were required to visit the educational institute to solve complex issues their children were facing. With View360, the administration can automate serval manual activities and help parents receive accurate and timely notifications about their child’s attendance, grades, performances, etc. And when they visit or even attend a remote call, they can get prompt support from the administrative staff for their complex issues.

Education has always played an essential role in society by shaping young minds to become responsible citizens of the future. Tools like View360 help administration and leaders in the industry support staff, administrators, and students for their various educational activities. It also helps the institution refine and optimize processes to benefit all while reducing human dependency to complete mundane tasks.

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