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Myths About Marketing Automation

Myths About Marketing Automation

Sooner or later, you are going to need a marketing automation plan for your modern day marketing platform. The future is definitely marketing automation and it will stimulate the war of customer attention between startups & growing business and large scale enterprise. A Salesforce report says 67% of market leaders are already using and 21% plan to use the marketing automation tools within 2 years from now.

One must understand that over a period of time marketing automation system has stood up to be one of the most popular methods for handling your business queries online and it is only going to increase as the time passes. Technology enthusiasts believe that this system will definitely propel and will find extensive usage in some of the verticals listed below:

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Metrics and analytics
  • Management activities

However, researching the potential of marketing automation plan is altogether a whole new world, before moving to that let’s discuss some myths that are floating and are generally believed by the people in this industry.

Marketing automation is only for big companies

According to a recent report by Forbes one major reason that the 82% marketers gave behind their positive ROI and increased efficiency was shifting to marketing automation. Although big companies had a rising interest in this marketing automation systems, it should be noted that these systems can be well implemented into smaller businesses too. According to several surveys, it has been found that the largest growth segments are the SMB’s (small to mid-size business sectors), with their annual revenue ranging between USD$ 5 million to USD$ 500 million.

Marketing Automation Is Only For Email

Though we cannot directly refer to it as ‘myth’ in-fact email marketing is an integral part of the entire marketing automation plan. Find below a brief comparison chart between the two which is a clear depiction.

Single handed usage of only

email marketing

will not enable you to show your people how exactly marketing is contributing into the entire system. On the other hand marketing automation gives you the functionality to track your efforts and provides you in-depth results for each campaign.

It is a process with ‘Set it, forget it’ Mentality

Campaigns of any nature, whether inbound or outbound, always need to be monitored in order to obtain the correct analytics. If you are not monitoring the same on a regular basis you are firing up the chances of the campaign being stale. One should never adhere to ‘set it, forget it’ mentality, for any such MAP because this will eventually turn your, even long running, campaigns down and would reduce their performances rather drastically.

Marketing Automation Plan lacks personal focus

Just because of the word ‘Automation’ don’t fall in that everything in here would be robotic and hence cannot be personalized. On the other hand there are more personalized automation techniques as compared to the conventional methods of marketing. One must understand that marketing automation system is not like ‘cruise control’ which will run the business on itself, instead it’s a focused labor-saving tool and represents the warmth at the heart of the plan and provides that extra personal relation.

It is too expensive

The market is full of tools for Marketing Automation system, the challenge is to choose the correct and the most appropriate tool at the best price. Many people think incorporating MAP into their businesses would be every expensive and would not get enough revenue as compared to the amount invested in the tool, which is not true! In fact Marketing Automation System (MAS) is diversified and can easily adapt to the varied professional needs, which thus makes it a lot more economical.

Easier process, hence less effective

On the contrary, the more expensive a tool is, more is the amount of time required to invest and higher is the complexity. It is a powerful technology that provides the marketers with a set of tools, made to manage the different components of their online marketing campaigns. It is much like a CRM software, but with tremendous power and an easy implementation process.

Marketing Automation Is Spam

Marketing automation system uses modern techniques to automate a series of automation plans in order to improve their effectiveness. The thing that must be taken into account is that high volumes of communications from MAS does not make it a spam, instead it is the irrelevancy of the message that gets it landed into the S-P-A-M. If it can be ensured that the communication going to your customer is valid, precise, relevant, personalized and useful then you can sure count on the effectiveness of the system.

Generating leads without effort

Marketing automation plan

gives your business the ability to yield better leads with comparatively lesser efforts. The system does require monitoring to an extent to attract buyers, nurture them and convert them to acquisitions with the help of personalized campaigns. Find below some effective marketing techniques to

increase lead generation


Since every coin has two sides, it is always the perspective of the user/owner to make their own considerations. Similarly before getting immersed into the technology and getting it implemented onto your business model don’t forget go ahead with a complete ground reality check. There are also many more other myths that are floating around in the market on a regular basis, we have just picked the most talked about myths in the industry. Don’t forget to keep an open eye and share your feedback.

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