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Do You Need an AdWords Account Management Company?

Do You Need an AdWords Account Management Company?

Google Ads or previously known as Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising program which enables you to reach new customers and grow your business. It helps you to strategize successful ad campaigns and transform your advertising expense into revenue.

Why Google Ads?

  • Because it helps you to attract more online visitors than any other channel, increases the number of leads and grows your online sales comparatively.
  • Local or Global, your website is visible and available for business anytime and anywhere. It’s all up to you.
  • Hitting the right audience at the right time with precise targeting techniques makes Google ads more accurate as compared to peers.

Types of Google Ads

Types of Google Ads

A successful ad campaign can only be strategized within your

Google AdWords

account. The campaign generally consists of several ad groups with different text ads catering the specific type of keyword that the user may key-in to Google.

Do you really need a Google Ads / AdWords Account Management Company?
Irrespective of the presence of so many paid mediums/channels, businesses are still flocking towards Google AdWords. The graph below will give a clearer picture.

Do you really need a Google Ads / AdWords Account Management Company

Google recently claimed 44% of all global online ad revenue.

Share of Global Online Advertising Revenues

With the above figures it is clearly depicted that the 2 technology giants Google & Facebook are so dominant in the online industry that they account for more than 60% of global advertising revenues and have churned out a substantial ROI for the businesses. Now, let us figure out your needs for requiring an AdWords Account Management Company.

Shortage of time & resources
With so many things to do, managing your AdWords campaign is difficult at times. Even if we hire someone who understands the norms of PPC campaigns, does not necessarily imply they would prioritize their time for your targets, which is quite possible in case of shared/limited resources.

A successful PPC campaign requires continuous monitoring, optimization, testing and learning which consumes a substantial amount of time from your resources. Even if you setup your AdWords account for some successful ad campaigns you might not have the time to continuously monitor and optimize on a regular basis.

Hiring an AdWords Account Management Company helps you to recognize the importance of expertise, as they usually prioritize learning and focus towards the constant growth of your

PPC campaigns.

They properly manage, dedicate the necessary amount of time and

effort required to optimize your campaigns

in order to contribute towards a positive ROI.

Agencies possess adept knowledge of Industry Trends, Norms & Benchmarks
They generally impart a bird’s eye view on the industry and have a clearer picture of what is usual for the space in which their client is operating. They are more familiar with CPC ranges, conversion rates and offers that are convertible because they have been working on similar projects for various industries, which eventually has polished their perspective in due course of time.

Agencies offer optimal beta testing opportunities as they have hands-on experience with all kinds of tools which clients generally don’t have access to. 

As a client, you get exclusive beta testing with fail-safe methods. You also get a chance to try exclusive and fresh methods for your campaigns to outrun your competition, as they may not have access to and might be lacking the strong grip. And by the time the execution is rolled out in public you have a rock solid result. 

The agencies are well informed before-hand about any upcoming industry changes and are updated with latest trends, which signify that they always have one finger on the pulse of the industry.

Tracking techniques
Continuous monitoring and accurate tracking of your PPC ads are one of the most vital parts of your campaign, and believe it or not accurate reporting & tracking is altogether a whole new thing which requires substantial technical expertise along with industry knowledge. Precise reporting shows that which ad placements and keywords are bringing in the maximum conversion and contributing towards ROI.

Hiring an agency will help you to determine the exact things required for a substantial report and how you can churn out maximum conversion from your AdWords budget. When you work with an agency you are not only just letting someone to manage your account but also you are reaping the benefits of their expertise in boosting your business and

increase your ROI


Calculating your Return on Investment


You need to setup a conversion tracking procedure to calculate your ROI. A conversion tracking process includes those actions taken by your website user which you deem useful such as transacting, filling a form or making a call. It is important to track your conversion because they give insights of your ad’s performance and success. It also helps in differentiating between the performing / non-performing ads and keywords.

What is an AdWords Management Company? And what do they do?
Switching to AdWords management services can enable you to touch the heights of success you’ve always dreamed of. These agencies efficiently manage thousands of paid campaigns and use the expertise to deliver success to clients across the globe.

They will plan your AdWords management strategy in such a way that it will compliment your existing organic SEO strategy and will help you to capture leads across various online channels. Your Google ads will be optimized and build in such a way that it will draw maximum attention and leads by boosting your conversions exponentially.

For increased conversions and lead capturing, the expert will develop a paid search campaign which will focus on targeting cost per sale or by lead. This in turn will attract eager buyers who could not otherwise reach you through conventional forms of searching.

Things to watch out for in an AdWords Management Company
There are a lot of things to consider when looking out for an AdWords Management Company. Below mentioned are some crucial pointers that will help you to evaluate the best company suited for your business.

Experience – Remember there is no alternative to experience. Several new agencies might claim ‘fully certified’ or ‘thoroughly trained’ team in Google Ads management, but remember the decision always lies with you to choose only the best for your business. The external team you are about to hire should be a certified Google AdWords partner.

However, If the agency has been a Google Partner for several years and the team consists of several outstanding performers who are Google certified and show expertise in different areas of AdWords – it is a profitable sign for your business.

Google certified professionals

Expertise – Remember that being an expert is good but being an expert in your business model is totally a different thing. For e.g if you are a SaaS business you need to find someone who has proven expertise and has partnered with SaaS businesses before. You would never want an expert from the FMCG model of business! This is one area where majority of the businesses fail by hiring a different agency altogether and not getting the expected conversions.

This expertise check would be a boon if they already possess marketing intelligence in your niche. They already have all the past research handy, what they have done for their other partners. This should be very relevant and healthy for your business.

Knowledge on latest industry trends – The only thing that is constant in this world, especially digital marketing, is change. Your chosen AdWords management company should not only present a proven track record but also showcase sound knowledge and stay updated on all latest industry trends.

Your agency must be aware of the below mentioned industry specific averages for both search and display:

  • Average click-through rate (CTR)
  • Average cost per click (CPC)
  • Average conversion rate (CVR)
  • Average cost per action (CPA)

The AdWords account management company should not only demonstrate success certificates but also must be aware and up-to-date with all the latest digital marketing trends, which are useful for your business.

Analytic Certifications – Any good AdWords management company should be proficient and must hold analytic certifications. Google offers certification for Google Analytics. It is the only way by which you will know how your landing pages are performing and how your visitors are being engaged with your website. It also educates you about several other things.Adwords expertProfessionals skilled in Google analytics knows how to prioritize and set your campaign goals. They also refrain from doing the most common mistakes that many of the marketers do – trusting bad and obsolete data. Analytics certification from Google must be equally important, to an agency and their potential customers, as their AdWords certification.

Ask these questions before hiring your AdWords Expert.

1. How does Google Auction work?

  • After entering a search, AdWords pulls all the ads whose keywords match that particular search.
  • Ineligible ads, such as ads that target a different country or have been disapproved, will be ignored.
  • From the remaining, only those ads which have a high enough Ad Rank will show results.

2. How is CPC affected by Ad rank?
When it comes to CPC, you end up paying the minimum amount required to hold in that position. Ads appearing above the result generally have a higher CPC as compared to the result below.

3. How is CTR calculated?
Click through rate is a ratio that shows how many people are clicking on your ad after watching it. The CTR is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by the total number of impressions.

4. What do you understand by On-schedule indicator (OSI)?
This is the percentage of goal that the campaign will deliver across all impressions booked.

5. What could be the benefits of re-marketing?
Your expert should be able to outline some of the re-marketing benefits mentioned below:

  • Targeting users at the optimal time (when they’re most likely to buy)
  • Lists created for specific purposes
  • Maximizing the scale of reach

6. What are the important key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure success?
Re-marketing comes with a set of metrics which include click through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), effective cost per acquisition (eCPM) and return on investment (ROI). Before initiating the campaign they must have in-depth knowledge about which KPI would best reflect success.

7. What could be the reason behind the low number of impressions?
Lesser number of impressions could be possible due to:

  • Low budget
  • Ad is being watched repetitively by viewers (same people)
  • Overlapping target audience
Majority of

AdWord campaigns

are complex and the smallest of the detail could bring about a huge change in the outcome. If you are planning to hire a strong AdWords Account Management Company make sure you present these questions before the team. However, for maximum clarity you can always add your input.

Remember slow & steady in AdWords pace, always wins the race

It is only your ongoing Google Ads experimentation and optimization activities that enable you to perform better and obtain good results.

Ultimately the key to success in maintaining a good amount of activity is to make it regular. Spending exclusive minutes each week separately for PPC optimization, negative keyword research, keyword expansion, bid optimization, and ad text optimization will definitely yield comparatively better performance.

Don’t overdo the activity by doing thousands of changes in one go and then not touching it for 6 months, instead be slow and steady in pace by keeping a regular eye on all.

We are positive that by now you must have made up your mind that whether you need an external support to handle your campaigns, if yes, you know how to proceed and what to check. In case we’ve missed anything do tell us by commenting below.

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