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Do you really need a Marketing Automation system?

Do you really need a Marketing Automation system?

If you are planning on marketing in 2019 or beyond then the answer is ‘Yes’. Believe it or not, marketing automation is a must-have for all modern day marketing platforms! You are going to need it, sooner or later, the earlier you start the faster you start getting the results.

But let us not rush and first of all understand the very basic functioning and definition of Marketing Automation: It is a new age technology that automates all your marketing processes and multi-functional campaigns across all channels including but not limited to email, text messages, websites and social media to generate sales leads. This automation technology is majorly used by the marketing departments in order to reduce redundancy, staff workflows and increase overall efficiency.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has the capability to solely transform an underperforming marketing team into something great, something that can be looked upon. And upon planning strategically will stimulate the war of customer attention.

The major challenge that everyone is facing is how to outrun / overshadow their competitors and yield a better result. This means taking valid advantages with the right tool present at the right time and pushing your way to success.

According to a Salesforce report – 67% of market leaders are already using and 21% plan to use the marketing automation tools within 2 years from now. The financial outcome projected is such that it can push your business to new promising heights. Whereas Forbes reports that one major reason that the 82% marketers gave behind their positive ROI and increased efficiency was shifting to marketing automation. 

Marketing Automation Recovered

While most of the businesses were stuck in the rat race of attracting leads, top advertisers who were into the heavy usage of AI, SaaS and marketing automation techniques reported that they were already in the process of receiving high financial impacts, qualified leads from sales turning into acquisitions and a satisfactory number in retaining the existing customers.

One must understand that Marketing Automation is not a single piece of tool which exhibits ‘install, train & forget’ nature instead it is a catalytic process that sways the business towards a more effective, profitable, sales driven and progressive direction.

Now, that we’ve understood that it is very important for all small and growing businesses to find a tool that can automate all or some of their basic functions such as sales, marketing, business development, finance, operations, logistics or productions. Let’s take a look at some popular marketing automation tools that could change the course of your small scale business and take you to new heights.

Ontraport: Ontraport combines your marketing assets and creates a fully integrated campaign which will guide your leads and customers through a systematic process cycle in-sync with your brand. Based on the behavior, pattern and interests, this tool initiates targeted campaigns which comprises of various techniques and generates optimal results in figures as well as builds a healthy user data base.

Marketo: One of the leading marketing automation platforms that offers lead based marketing, digital ads, social, mobile, web, email and plethora of other marketing solutions. Marketo aims to help the small businesses and build a healthy and long lasting relationship with their customers. It proposes a cloud based infrastructure which is capable of handling a huge number of queries which directly means complete customer satisfaction and business prosperity.

Sharpspring: One of the leading marketing automation platforms.  It is designed to grow your business exponentially. With sharpspring APIs and zapier integration the tool seamlessly gets connected to several 3rd party software providers which makes it truly personalized. It automates the drip email campaigns to continuously engage leads and notifies the sales team about the time when the leads are ready to purchase.

Hubspot: When it comes to inbound marketing, hubspot takes it all. It also offers a free CRM which manages your pipeline with total visibility and a clean dashboard to navigate through. They also help in creating paths for purchase showcasing, the compiled data about the contribution being made to sales through every marketing campaign initiated. Below mentioned are some of it’s promises:

  • Send Personalized Sequences
  • Create and Measure Email Templates
  • Get Real-Time Notifications
  • Enrich Contact Records Automatically
  • Place Calls From Inside the CRM &
  • Book More Meetings

Oracle Eloqua: Oracle Eloqua marketing automation – A tool that generates successful demands, hassle free and result-driven email marketing and engagement through efficient lead magnets. Eloqua received the highest score in lead nurturing and data management. Oracle was one of the top rankers for scoring the maximum in product roadmap, strategizing, innovation and global deployments.

Delivra: It is possibly one of the deepest email building interfaces which uses your customer database from multiple channels for customized and unique campaigns. It sends email to the right people and at the right time. It goes through your store to identify unattended shopping carts and directly sends an email based upon customer’s history and interest. Delivra integrates marketing efforts of small businesses with their stores and re-engages them to generate maximum customer retention.

After discovering the apps and integrations, you can move ahead and study some of the latest trends that will define the future of marketing automation and will make your journey more meaningful. Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

The scope of

testing and experiment in Marketing Automation Systems

Testing and experiment in marketing automation system

In the initial days of traditional marketing, the costs involved for trial and error experimental methods were far more significant than it is today. The present scenario although has capabilities of specialized marketing automation and testing tools which allows the businesses to invest in new strategies and gives a better yield from the rapid optimization of their web site.

The aforementioned concept of testing will surely have a big and positive effect on the marketing automation industry. Those small marketers who are looking to put their best foot forward to adopt these new age tools should be positive about achieving sustainable results and inherit a fearless culture of innovation. In other words the future belongs to those who embrace change and act on their self-conscience with conviction because willingness to take risk is what drives innovation towards future.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on MAP

Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest trends in marketing automation system would be witnessing this year, will undoubtedly be – Artificial Intelligence, which will give rise to several other trends in this field. Due to the increasing affinity of marketers towards this technology, artificial intelligence will give birth to several other programs that will include machine based understanding and machine based decision making thus making it truly personalized.

This level of personalization would elevate the email marketing system to the next level, by shifting from the regular 1st name greeting in marketing messages to a more dynamic greeting system. This in turn will result in a more accurately targeted delivery by AI and will be driven according to their specific individual interest. Marketers would also be able to build huge audience segments and incorporate machine-driven segmentation into their automation technology system.

The role of chatbots in the future

chatbots in the future

These AI enabled chatbots will emerge as the main channel for customer education and lead generation. Natural language processing and rich data collection will make these a more dedicated and focused resource for educating the leads. They would also be able to analyze the quickly changing scenario of knowledge base for each resource or customer at every relevant stage of the process funnel. Not to forget about the advanced integration system which will in-turn enable these bots to pass information to other automation tools into the already existing full technology stack.

The beginning of Augmented Reality content

augmented reality

One of the biggest advantages of the Augmented Reality Marketing would be personalization, wherein the customers will have the freedom of uploading their own content to create a form of media that would be marketed to them only. With the latest android and iOS devices in the market optimized for augmented reality, these technology giants should think about new ways and elevating the augmented reality experience.

Resurgence of Permission Marketing

permission marketing

Governments as well as the consumers are treating the subject of ‘leakage of personal information’ with utmost priority due to the continuously emerging laws, rules and regulations regarding data privacy and this has only been possible due to the ever resurgent

Permission Marketing.

Earning the trust of the audience has been made mandatory with the new laws referring to anti-spam and data acquisition. Adhering to the same the marketers must showcase transparency and authenticity.

The outcome of the implementation of the

Marketing Automation Systems

starts emerging after a noticeable period of 30 days and the company starts to see the rise in sales figures annually. So, overall the process of implementation should not be termed as a hassle in fact it’s a process towards progress and is all worth the time invested. As soon as the automation system gets implemented the senior management needs to buckle up to handle the changes and empower the employees to start thinking strategically.

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