Comcast admits users watch more videos but how does it affect brands?

In a recent Adweek podcast, an ad comes on. A deep baritone voice narrates over generic motivational music, “Comcast knows that users are watching more video and other insights like that can help you the advertiser understand and reach your ideal customer.”

Difference Between Data and Insights

The truth is that we all, Brands and Agencies alike, have known for a while that the consumption of video content is on the rise but, advertisers and data analysts understand that this fact is just Broad Data. What they are watching and consuming are the insights that should define the brand interests and their future strategies. As a matter of fact, these days insightful brands are even hesitant on being advertised on platforms like YouTube and Facebook and are further analyzing the videos they are being attached to. This means that they have to develop their own video content but many factors stop them.Cromcast Analysis

The factors that stop enterprises and brands in their tracks from pushing out more video content are –

  • Video content is comparatively expensive to make.
  • The video might be boring and might not engage the audience.
  • The video content might not make a meaningful connection.
  • The video content might not generate the ROI that is expected.
  • Deep fakes and other technological factors scare brands.

Although these factors might discourage enterprises from investing in creating video content. However, brands know and understand the power of video, and they can not afford to not create videos.

The Benefits of creating video content

  • When a video goes viral, your brand awareness multiplies.
  • Created video content has the potential for organic virality.
  • Video content is easy to consume for the audience.
  • ISPs like Comcast and Verizon will structure their operations around video content.
  • The direction of the brand created videos always coincides with brand values.
  • A brand’s product and service explanatory videos have a long shelf life.

That is why, when you as a brand are creating any sort of content you should always be careful and understand your audience data and draw insights from it. Your words to your audience matter. Especially if they are visualized and narrated. Video content can be a powerful tool that could convert a user to a customer and a customer to a brand advocate but we suggest you make a marketing plan by segmenting your audience and products with a futureproof clear message.

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