7-Point Checklist to Build an Ideal Business Website

Website Checklist

You have decided to take your business online. As a smart business-person, you have been preparing. You have created a thorough plan, with unique selling points and strategies. You are ready to start introducing yourself to customers. While you may have thought extensively about what you want to do online, have you gone through a business website checklist? If not, that is your next step:

1. Web design

Web Design

As indicated in the above graph, a recent Statista report said that e-commerce sales will grow to USD 6.5 billion by 2023. People are using the internet more than ever, and your website will be competing with some of the most dominant companies in the world. In this climate, you need to have design in the top five concerns of your website launch checklist. It is now essential to give your customers an experience that is enjoyable for an extended time, keeping your brand intriguing.

2. Content

Ever heard the phrase “Content is king”? Yes? Well, it is true. Your website build checklist should have content in the top five points of focus. Businesses may attract prospects to their websites with SEO and keep them clicking with design; however, they may ultimately lose them because of poorly crafted headlines, abundant typos, and horribly formatted text. To ensure your content is sharp, visit your competitors’ websites and check their posts. Understand your industry’s content practices, and then devise your own grounded yet unique strategy.

3. Mobile readiness

Global Mobile Data

Today, people don’t just use desktop computers to visit your website. They can access you from wherever, whenever, and however they want to. Mobile data growth is calculated in exabytes and keeps growing every month mobile While the above numbers are striking, consider that another projection found the global average monthly data usage per smartphone would reach 8.9 GB by 2021. Plus, other platforms (such as tablets, streaming devices, and gaming platforms) have loyal bases that are expanding too.

4. Security

Internet security might have come a long way, but it is a much more serious issue than you might think. In 2017, the average data breach in the United States cost the targeted company $ 7.4 million. This number keeps rising, hitting $8.19 million in 2019. Add to that all the news of email hacking and misuse of social media data, and it can give anyone building a digital presence pause. Make sure your website is protected by antimalware and that you monitor its backend consistently.

5. Speed

A 2018 Google study found that more than half of mobile users (53%) would abandon a site that did not load in three seconds. That is just one indication of how speed correlates to user satisfaction so speed must be on your website checklist. Make sure your website not only has great content and design, but also loads fast.

6. Backup

Ensure your website is multi-device ready
Did you know that nearly half of computer users around the world (45%) lose important data every year? Nonetheless, many business owners think that data backup is a time-consuming hassle. Backup is critical to disaster recovery (DR): when disasters strike, the data loss causes 2 in 5 businesses (40%) to go bankrupt. It is essential to have backups. This element should not only be on your website build checklist but also on your ongoing website evaluation checklist.

7.  SEO

Another critical component of a website launch checklist is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the most important way to market your business online. According to 2018 statistics from HubSpot, SEO was the best method for inbound marketing with a higher conversion rate than any other channel. Plus, they found it required less time investment than both email marketing and social media marketing (SMM). With 3 in 4 people (75%) never leaving the first Google search engine results page (SERP), it is key to get to the top.


Starting a website can be a hassle that feels extraordinarily complicated. With a website checklist, you can best organize your efforts for success. If you already have a website and didn’t use a build checklist, use our Website Analyzer to see where it may be lacking. Check your competitors’ websites too. Want help designing, developing, and marketing a more powerful site? For in-depth analysis and guidance, email contact@epikso.com or book an appointment today.

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