Executive Summary

The client, a prominent organisation serving as the leading source of quality data about the nation's people and economy, faced several challenges related to their outdated in-house IT-built Database, Records Control Database (RCD).

The RCD lacked a user-friendly interface and failed to meet the organisation's growing need for accessible and high-performing computing systems. To overcome these challenges and improve their data management capabilities, the client turned to Epik View360, a robust and scalable Enterprise Records Management System (ERMS) solution.

The Challenge

The client's primary challenge revolved around replacing the outdated and antiquated in-house Database, Records Control Database (RCD). This system was not only inefficient but also lacked a user-friendly interface, hampering productivity and making it difficult for users to navigate and perform essential tasks.

The RCD was primarily utilized by the Office of the Director, Policy Coordination Office (PCO), and the Records Management Branch (RMB). Therefore, the client required a more intuitive and scalable solution that could streamline their operations and improve data security.

Recommended Solution:View360

To address the client's requirements, Epik recommended the implementation of View360, a robust commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution. View360 is a No-Code platform that effectively manages records, content, documents, physical documents, data discovery, mining, and case tracking.

It offers flexibility by operating on-premises, in a FedRAMP cloud, or through a hybrid environment. Additionally, View360 supports significant databases, including MS SQL Server and Oracle, and seamlessly runs on all major server operating systems. Its scalable architecture accommodates growth in electronic records while supporting a decentralized user base, automated record ingestion, and centralized records management.

Strategy and Solution

Epik's team collaborated closely with the client to understand their specific requirements and challenges. A comprehensive project plan was developed, outlining the implementation roadmap. Leveraging the flexibility of View360, the modules were configured to align with the client's unique needs.

Once the system was ready, it was shared with the client's business team for rigorous testing and feedback. Upon receiving their approval, the data migration process commenced, transferring the existing legacy RCD system's data to the newly implemented View360.

Key Results

The successful implementation of View360 resulted in several key benefits for the client:

Improved Business Processes: View360 enabled the client to implement efficient and streamlined business processes on their records, something that was not possible with the legacy system. The solution's customizable workflows and automation capabilities empowered the organisation to optimise its operations, leading to increased productivity and reduced manual effort.

Enhanced User Experience: The intuitive and user-friendly interface of View360 significantly improved the overall user experience. With easy navigation and simplified functionalities, users found it more convenient to access, manage, and retrieve records, resulting in increased user adoption and satisfaction.

Heightened Data Security: View360 provided robust data security features, ensuring that the client's sensitive information was adequately protected. The system incorporated access controls, encryption, and audit trails, mitigating the risk of unauthorised access, data breaches, and compliance violations. This strengthened data security instilled confidence within the organisation and its stakeholders.


The implementation of View360 transformed the client's data management capabilities, replacing their outdated legacy system with a modern and efficient solution. The client, as the nation's leading source of quality data, can now effectively manage their records, streamline operations, and improve data security.

Epik's successful implementation of View360 has positioned the client for future growth and scalability, enabling them to continue their mission of providing vital statistical information about the nation's people and economy with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.