Executive Summary

Our Client, a top university, is a leading institution in higher education that was confronted with the challenge of modernizing its infrastructure to align with the requirements of an evolving digital learning landscape.

Being an AWS partner, we initiated our expertise for transformative work to leverage cloud technology to achieve scalability, adaptability, and innovation.

The Challenge

The university struggled with old/legacy systems that made it hard to adapt quickly and grow. Their traditional setup needed to be revised to handle the increasing needs of students, teachers, and researchers. Maintaining on-premises hardware was costly and limited the university's ability to experiment with new technologies. They needed a solution that would address their current challenges and future-proof their IT infrastructure.


AWS emerged as the clear choice due to its unmatched scalability, reliability, and wide range of services. With AWS's global infrastructure, the university could deliver low-latency experiences to users worldwide. AWS's extensive portfolio of services provided the flexibility to tailor solutions to specific needs, whether it be hosting web applications, managing databases, or deploying machine learning models.

Why Mission

Our mission was to empower the university to embrace cloud technology fully. We focused on designing a solution that addressed their immediate needs and aligned with their long-term strategic objectives. By leveraging AWS, we sought to enable the university to innovate faster, reduce operational overhead, and enhance the overall student and faculty experience.

Strategy and Solution

We assessed the university's existing infrastructure and workloads. Based on our findings, we worked on devising a migration strategy that prioritized critical workloads for immediate migration to AWS while outlining a roadmap for future migrations.

Leveraging AWS's Well-Architected Framework, we designed a scalable, resilient architecture that maximized performance and minimized costs. We introduced automation in various areas to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Additionally, we provided extensive training and support to ensure the university's IT team effectively managed the new environment.

Result and Benefit

The University's migration to AWS yielded significant benefits across the board. By eliminating the need for on-premises hardware, they reduced capital expenditure and improved cost predictability through pay-as-you-go pricing. Firstly, the scalability of AWS allowed the university to handle sudden spikes in demand during peak times without any downtime. Secondly, with faster deployment times and increased agility, the university could roll out new services and applications more quickly, enhancing the overall student and faculty experience. Thirdly, by offloading routine maintenance tasks to AWS-managed services, the University's IT team could were then able to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Overall, the partnership with AWS enabled the University to modernize its infrastructure, drive innovation, and position itself as a leader in digital education.