Executive Summary

Our client, a pioneering provider of Analytical Mass Cytometry systems, Automated Genomic Analysis Instruments, and Microfluidic Arrays, is at the forefront of advancing life sciences research and personalized medicine.

Due to the constant challenge of managing complex data generated by their advanced tools and the need to ensure seamless integration with custom assays and services, they partnered with us, an AWS expert, to leverage cloud technology for scalable, secure, and efficient data management solutions.

The Challenge

The client operates in a dynamic and data-intensive industry where the analysis of complex biological data is critical for driving innovation and discovery. However, their existing infrastructure struggled to handle the scale and complexity of data generated by their analytical mass cytometry systems, genomic analysis instruments, and microfluidic arrays. Also, ensuring seamless integration with custom assays and services posed significant challenges. They needed a solution providing scalable storage, high-performance computing, and seamless integration capabilities to support their diverse range of instruments and applications.


AWS emerged as the ideal solution due to its comprehensive suite of cloud services tailored for data-intensive workloads. With AWS's scalable storage solutions, high-performance computing capabilities, and advanced analytics tools, the client could efficiently manage and analyze large volumes of biological data. AWS's global infrastructure and low-latency network allowed for seamless integration with their instruments and applications, ensuring fast and reliable data transfer and processing. Moreover, AWS's robust security features and compliance certifications provided assurance that sensitive biological data would be protected and regulatory requirements would be met.

Why Mission

Our goal was to empower the client to utilize cloud technology for advancing research and innovation in the life sciences sector. We aimed to develop a solution that not only addressed their immediate data management challenges but also provided a foundation for future growth and innovation. By partnering with AWS, we sought to enable the client to streamline data management processes, enhance collaboration among researchers, and ultimately advance the field of life sciences.

Strategy and Solution

We thoroughly assessed the client's data management requirements and workflow processes. We developed a tailored strategy for migrating and managing their complex biological data on AWS based on our findings. Leveraging AWS's scalable storage services, such as Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier, we designed a cost-effective and resilient data architecture that could accommodate their instruments' growing volume of data. We implemented robust data governance and access controls to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive biological data.

Additionally, we leveraged AWS's advanced analytics tools, such as Amazon Redshift and Amazon Athena, to enable researchers to derive valuable insights from their data more efficiently.

Result and Benefit

The client's migration to AWS resulted in significant benefits across the board. By moving their data to the cloud, they were able to reduce infrastructure costs, improve scalability, and enhance data accessibility for researchers worldwide. The seamless integration with AWS's advanced analytics tools enabled researchers to perform complex analyses and derive more quickly actionable insights from their data. Moreover, the enhanced security features of AWS ensured compliance with regulatory requirements and protected sensitive biological data from unauthorized access. Overall, the partnership with AWS empowered the client to accelerate research and innovation in the life sciences industry, driving meaningful advancements in personalized medicine and improving healthcare outcomes for patients globally.