Intuitive workflow builder

Build workflows that encourage speed, agility, and resilience by unifying data, apps, and automation.

Automated business workflows that transform experiences

Manage your business operations through a single interface by integrating employees, data, robots, and an AI into prebuilt or custom-created workflows that unburden your people and transform your business operations.

A better interconnected workflow ecosystem

Robotic process automation

Increase productive operations by automating mundane and routine tasks with our intuitive workflow system.

Business process automation

Execute complex business processes by designing your workflows and using artificial cognitive processes to execute them.

Case management

Build interactive workflows that help your people collaborate and resolve cases faster through automated processes.

Artificial intelligence

Deploy an AI model that makes it easy to deploy, manage, and continuously improve pre-built and custom-created workflows.

Running a business is running a complex experience from end-to-end that
requires constant improvement.

Our intuitive no-code solution helps you rapidly roll out workflows by leveraging visual development and reusable components. You can either use our pre-built workflows or build and modify your own custom solutions that will help you tackle complex processes faster on both mobile and desktops without additional requirements.

Easily integrate data from external sources in our solution to eliminate silos. Our no-code solution empowers you to connect external database sources like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, AI services, RPA, OpenAPI web services, and more to increase your speed and flexibility.

Our clients use our platform every day for mission-critical outcomes. We keep your critical applications secure, available and compliant through our workflow solution so that you continue to innovate and scale without hesitation.

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