Smart data integrations

Let automation highlight relevant data from different sources to make your business decision smarter.

Making your data relevant not just available

Every organization creates gigabytes of data from several disconnected systems. Our automated solution collects the data from all your diverse sources, parses through them, and provides you with the relevant information at demand. Our unified solution combines rapid data integration, transformation, and mapping. It also conducts prescheduled quality checks to ensure you always have trustworthy data that you can rely on.

Do more with the View360 data integration solution

More Flexible
Universally better

Integrate most data types from almost any data source to your chosen data destination, at your premises, or to the cloud easily.

More Flexible
More flexible

Create your data pipelines and run them wherever you chose, in the cloud or at your chosen destination without vendor/platform lock-ins.

More Flexible
Completely unified

Deploy a unified solution that combines data integration, data quality, and data sharing and is easier to deploy and use.

Gaining advantages through a unified approach to integration

The View360 platform makes it easier to put data integration at the heart of your organization. This solution enables you to ingest almost any data type from different sources quickly. Through its various functions, you can use the collected data almost instantly.

Our data integration solution can rapidly ingest data to your on-premise servers or cloud data warehouse to help you deploy the relevant data to solve challenges for your complex multi-cloud projects.

View360 data integration capabilities

Our solution combines best-in-class data integration tools to provide you with enhanced insight and control over your data.

Data integration

Collect and connect data from multiple sources into a clean, complete, and uncompromised source.

Pipeline design

Use the cloud to design, deploy, and reuse data pipelines with a simple interface and scalable capabilities.

Data inventory

Create an inventory to simplify discovery, searches, and sharing capabilities across your organization.

Preparing data

Easily prepare your data with View360 tools, curation capabilities, and collaborative functionalities.

Stitching data

Use the intuitive interface to move your data securely and rapidly into cloud warehouses for analysis.

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