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The Client

The Technological Services Firm offers some of the most technologically advanced services in the sheet metal fabrication arena, including laser cutting, CNC forming, robotic welding, powder coat painting, machining, and much, much more. The company provides its customers the ability to customize a number of different shim types by adding custom dimensional specifications.

The Challenge

The company wanted to establish itself as a market leader. It needed to implement a system that allowed them to manage all the processes to produce custom flat sheet metal parts faster than any other competitor in its industry. We were tasked with providing a solution that would help them -

  • Manage and optimize the processes the company uses every day.
  • Mapping and improving the company's workflow.
  • Automate unnecessary documentation so that employees can focus on essential work
  • Improve team communication and increase transparency.

Solutions Provided

  • A streamlined application that united company data and processes in one place.
  • Standardize order management processes to accelerate employee training, custom orders, and difficult workloads.
  • A solution that provided the client the ability to tracking complex processes through stages of manufacturing processes.
  • Automated email reminders that increased interdepartmental communications.
  • Improved workflows that broke down bottlenecks through improved processes.
  • Visual insights to provide managers and stakeholders with the right information at the right time.
Epikso Technological Services Case Study

Brand Impact

  • 100+ Man hours saved monthly from improvements in order management, engineering, and inventory processes
  • 28% Increase in transparency provided the company to quickly view and review order history and activities
  • 26% Increase in efficiency with automated tracking of employees and notifications
  • 40% Increase in resources saved through visibility of impacted supply chains and affected orders.
  • 30% Decrease in the time taken to supply custom orders.
  • 50% Increase in the quality of customer service with real time ability to track orders and deliveries.
Epikso Technological Services Case Study

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