Leading Travel Insurance Company

Industry: Travel and tourism

Decrease in the processing time
Reduction in manual casework
Increase in customer satisfaction levels

The Client

Leading Travel Insurance is a Division of a leading insurance company. It is a one-stop-shop for international insurance options. It provides coverage for Non-U.S. citizens (Foreign nationals like parents or relatives visiting USA/Canada or worldwide) traveling the USA outside their home country, or US residents/Citizens are traveling outside the USA.

The Challenge

The client needed a software-based approach to managing, improving, and automating work, tasks, and activities their employees perform on-field every day. We were tasked with providing them a solution that would help them -

  • Quickly input all the customer’s documents.
  • Upload documents scanned from mobile devices into client files.
  • Extract client data when needed in the form of printable PDFs.
  • Allow the client to sign documents electronically.
  • Reduce the processing times for all customer's files.

Solutions Provided

  • View360 solution provided offsite access to all caseworkers to update case documents on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • The ability to locate customer data through solution searches and filters
  • Automatically route delayed and critical cases to the insurer for prompt action.
  • Send email notification automatically to the customer, caseworker, and insurer when the case is complete.
  • An inbuilt log to track when, where, and who opened, edited, deleted, etc. any case file.
Epikso Travel Insurance Case Study

Brand Impact

  • 33% Decrease in the processing time of all insurance case files.
  • 26% Increase in efficiency with the ability to sort from all insurance types.
  • 50% Increase in security with encryption secured customer data.
  • 21% Reduction in manual case documentation work.
  • 47% Increase in customer satisfaction levels with the prompt recommendation of insurance plans.
Epikso Travel Insurance Case Study
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