BI & analytics

Maximize the use of real-time data by using View360 to compile the business intelligence that dramatically improves your business results.

Clearer BI and analytics that empower your organization by turning numbers and alphabets into real-time visual metrics on any device for a better decision-making process.

Empower your business with data.

Import and assemble all your data from all sources into a single unified view to get a clearer picture of your business from a verifiable source.

Unleash the power of data.

Help your business personnel analyze important data through visualization with View360 intuitive interface while maintaining data governance protocols.

Increase collaboration with data.

Minimize repetitive tasks, break down silos, share insights and make data-driven decisions to gain an advantage and increase your organizational growth.

Let your data tell a story.

Gather your raw data and transform it into a visual, easy-to-understand state to drive business intelligence.

Create a connected narrative by sharing data, content, and insights with its curated story.

Easily search and explore your data with filters that help you quickly find answers to your important questions.

Construct live visualization models within minutes with 100+ chart types and 5000+ custom maps.

Drive agility with reliable business intelligence insights

Create automated notifications alerts, and exceptions to signal the need for managerial actions.

Monitor trends with live tracking and analysis of trending topics all across your organization.

Leverage machine learning, data science tools, and natural language query to create predictive insights.

Increase collaborations with analytics

Share reliable analytics and alerts across mobile, desktop, and most other platforms without building a separate tool.

Collaborate faster with View360 intuitive dashboards with visual data empowering your decision and actions.

Create partnerships by sharing your data, analytics, and business intelligence seamlessly inside and outside your organization.

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