Epikso Inc. - Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility?

There is no shortage of discussing the commitments of open organizations to be socially mindful to the general population and groups where they work. At Epikso Inc., we hold the same convictions. Alongside a belief, that activities talk louder than words, we help the society around us tackle a portion of the hardest issues confronting us today.

social responsibility

Today’s customers hold organizations to a higher standard. They're searching for something beyond material items or quality administrations while picking an organization to work with. Perceiving how critical social obligation is to their clients, Epikso Inc. concentrates on and works on the accompanying key classifications of corporate social obligation.

  • Natural Efforts: Decreasing out carbon impression is at the center of our social responsibility and essentially most our concentration lies there. We make strides every day to diminish our carbon footprint, striving to do better, both for our organization and the world at large. We concentrate on environmentally friendly power vitality utilization methods, eco-accommodating offices and travel strategies, which guarantee that we assume liability for controlling our net positive and negative effects.
  • Generosity: We give to both national and nearby philanthropies, and donate a great deal of assets that advantage neighborhood group programs

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  • Moral Labor Practices:We treat our workers reasonably and morally, we might work in worldwide areas with work laws that contrast from those in the US, however, we hold ourselves to the most elevated moral benchmarks and never compromise on them.
  • Volunteering:We cherish doing good deeds without expecting anything consequently. We take on these activities to express out genuineness and support for our neighborhood groups. We firmly believe that we need to fabricate something beyond our incomes.