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Partner Management

Partner relationship management process can be defined as a business strategy used for improving communication between companies and their partners. The primary goal is to make it easy for your partners to do business with you through the development of a systems integration strategy. It’s of utmost importance to be well-familiar with your partners, what their needs are, what works for them and what doesn’t. Hence, having a detailed partner relationship management strategy becomes important.

partner management services

We utilize diverse channels to pull in, support and hold the best skills in the business. A portion of Epikso constitutes of the best Staffing Partners in the market to help with its sourcing procedure for the best applicants. For the sourcing of new associates (contractual or long-term), we have an all-around characterization process which also incorporates the signing of our MSA (Master Staffing Agreement).

We as a partner management company are devoted towards development of organizations and individuals. Established in California, Epikso Inc. is overhauling both nearby and national customer base. Epikso is pioneering the ability to recognize the best resource for acquisitions. Hence, we guarantee profitability for our customers and the candidates who are extending their faith towards us. We strive to meet their expectations in terms of employment and overall job satisfaction.

To achieve an organization’s and candidates goals alike, Epikso incorporates the years of industries experience it has and, uses specific staffing advisors to convey answers for customers in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Technologies, Administration, and Operations. The customers we bolster range from rising private ventures to Fortune 500 undertakings.

It is our objective to enable our candidates to enhance their professions. With Partner Staffing, you are not hunting down a job but rather promoting your profession. Epikso has a one of a kind system partner management service for all the candidates out there.

The benefits of having a partner relationship management process are:

  • It builds up your brand.
  • It accelerates your business proposition to the partner level.
  • It Measures your partners' performance using multiple criteria.
  • It provides marketing-enabling and co-marketing funnel management abilities.
  • It integrates with CRM, ERP, CMS, and LMS.
  • It engages with your partners via mobile and social communications.