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Create a Website that speaks & works as hard as you Do!   

With attractive web design, Engage and Grow your Support for Donations. Know our Fundraising Solution for your Social Causes.

Supporting Fundraising
Supporting Fundraising
Driving Membership
Driving Membership
Growing Volunteerism
Growing Volunteerism
Increasing Your Reach
Increasing Your Reach

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Nonprofit Solution Design & Enablement
Why us for your Nonprofit Solution Design & Enablement?
We offer the Nonprofit Organizations a platform to push awareness of the cause and maximize fundraising. We create high-performance design solutions that comprise the latest technologies & align with your vision.
Nonprofit Branding
How can we assist with Branding?
We can rightly position your organization to create an impactful online presence for your social purpose! Our delivery plan comprises all phases of Digital 2.0 that benefit in customer engagement, management, brand presence, and business growth strategy.
Nonprofit Digital Technology
How can we help with Digital Technology?
We leverage technology to bring reform, competence, and innovation to the Nonprofit Organizations arena. We deliver a wide range of experience and services to address NP Organizational challenges.
Nonprofit current challenges
How can we help your company with current challenges?
We address & fix problems at small-scale by marshaling through several options such as a smooth runway system, optimized operations, agile analytics & reporting functions, and Digital Technology for increased social reach & growth.
Brand Design & Messaging can redefine a Nonprofit Organization. Move closer to your mission.

We Listen.   We Guide.   We Work.

We aim to connect NPO and build relationships with individuals who are volunteering to serve the communities.
We are Technologists, Designers, and Marketers helping our Nonprofit clients improve the world.

Extend Your Reach to connect with SPONSORS, DONATORS, VOLUNTEERS, VISITORS.

We design and build a digital strategy for Nonprofit Organizations.

    Our specialties include:

Case Studies / Success Stories

It's been a great journey with all our clients. Please take a look at our amazing Nonprofit clientele. Have a look at what we have to offer for the experience! If you like what you see, let's talk.

Non-Profit Organizations

SALT is The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability. It is a public-private partnership between USAID, Packard, and Moore Foundations, and the Walton Family. It is implemented by FishWise, a sustainable seafood consultancy. SALT is a global community of governments, the seafood industry, and non-governmental organizations. These agencies work together to share ideas and collaborate on legal solutions to sustain seafood supply chains.

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Our client is the government of Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island. It's home to Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, whose RISD Museum displays American art and silver works.

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Selected for the Pfizer Innovation Program through Galvanize, SISUROOT focuses on emotional awareness to improve people’s communication. The company’s mobile app reveals how emotions affect behavior and health. SISUROOT is aimed at bolstering mental wellness through machine learning (ML) analytics and other advanced technologies.

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Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today's new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

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The power of today's new digital landscape is vast and growing. We are here to help you make a statement with a team that spans media, strategy, digital, data consulting, social media and workforce transformation.

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