Solar Energy Case Study for Digital Solutions - Eco Solar
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The Client

Eco Solar provides swimming pool heating and filtration that is entirely powered by solar energy. The veteran-owned company's incredibly energy-efficient system only requires 1/3 the power used by a microwave oven to heat and filter a typical pool. Eco Solar’s approach uses significantly less electricity than the strategies used by all its solar-energy pool competitors.

The Challenge

Eco Solar was already spending on marketing and advertising but was unable to make a meaningful connection with the audience. They were losing business to local competitors for both new installations and maintenance customers. The company needed a full-spectrum strategy to be devised so they could counter these challenges.

Solutions Provided

  • A solution designed to enhance and empower the customer experience across all mediums.
  • User Acquisition services leveraging tactics to raise recognition of the solar pool brand.
  • An Automated Marketing plan that geo targeted locations with more sunlight.
  • Methods to amplify awareness of the cost-effectiveness, durability, and highly superior technical performance of Eco Solar’s systems.

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