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The Client

Raydeo Enterprises develops, produces, installs, and warrants signage, millwork, railings, and awnings. Raydeo is a fully accredited and certified firm that has created and performed iconic installations nationwide. With a track record of more than three decades and clients like Mercedes Benz Stadium, Ronald McDonald TreeHouse, Haverty's, etc. Raydeo Enterprises is one of the best architectural construction firms in the USA.

The Challenge

Raydeo was a well-known brand in the niche market but its brand was missing from the public square. Their existing digital portal which was rudimentary and suffered from unclear messaging. We were primarily tasked with developing a solution design and helping them brand Raydeo Enterprises while keeping their brand tonality different from other firms. We were also tasked with raising Raydeo's brand awareness among the younger audiences.

Solutions Provided

  • A new digital solution based on enhanced user experience research.
  • Advanced analytics to research the market and re-brand Raydeo.
  • A Marketing Automation strategy that connected both Raydeo's existing audience and new audiences.
  • Created easily shareable content with viral brand messaging.
  • A user acquisition strategy that used innovative ways to show Raydeo's work.

Impact On Brand

  • Our branding campaign that leveraged Raydeo's work and Rock band background went viral.
  • Our brand management strategy that leveraged Raydeo's contribution to the Georgia Aquarium, Humane Society, Special Olympics resulted in an increase in millennial brand awareness by 19%
  • Our Marketing Automation campaign resulted in an increase in user acquisition of 28%
  • Our customer experience transformation increased ROI by 36%
  • Our solution became the primary business portal for the client replacing old distributors and dealers.

Services Delivered

Solution Design and Development Services
Solution Design & Development
Constomer Experience Transformation Services
Customer Experience Transformation
Brand Management
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition

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