Pro Blockchain Company
Increase with User Acquisition
Increase in Brand Interaction Management
Increase in Brand Awareness

The Client

The Pro Blockchain Company works with CXOs across industries and stages of the company to chart a multi-disciplinary course for a smooth transition to Blockchain technology. They also provide their clients with the ability to invest in select startup opportunities that are creating new business models in traditional industries utilizing Blockchain technology.

The Brief

The Pro Blockchain Company needed an online solution that was designed and developed with a global audience in mind. They also asked us to rebrand them and provide them with a marketing solution that interacted with audiences across the globe and across all timezones.

Solutions Provided

  • An online solution with an omni-channel approach.
  • Rebranded The Pro Blockchain Company with a minimalistic design.
  • Identified the audience and targeted them towards the Pro Blockchain brand.
  • Raising awareness about Blockchain and the solutions it provides.
  • Built an automated marketing solution that targeted audiences with interested in the Cryptomarket.

Impact On Brand

  • The rebranded Pro Blockchain brand saw an increase in interest by 45%.
  • Increased audience interest in Pro Blockchain Solutions by 28%.
  • Increased Business transactions with Marketing Automation 17%.
  • Increase in Investor and Pro Blockchain Brand Interaction 18%.
  • Increased Pro Blockchain audience with user new to Blockchain by 21%.

Services Offered

User Acquisition Services
Brand Management
Marketing Automation
Cloud Transformation

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