Energy, Material and Logistics Case Study - Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc.
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Increase in operator and engineer field data
Reduction in inefficient paper trails
Improvement in real-time sourcing of materials

The Client

In 1983, Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc. (PESI) was launched in Alaska. The mission of the organization was to offer a better package than existing suppliers, as well as to introduce new products and services to the state. Today, PESI additionally provides environmentally friendly cleaning of thread protectors through its Alaska Service & Technology (ASTECH) division.

The Challenge

Our client is one of the few companies with deep understanding of the logistical problems associated with delivery to isolated Alaska locations. PESI has the knowledge and experience to solve any logistical issues that may arise. The challenge was improving the company’s operational efficiency. We provided a solution to enhance operations:

  • Replacing the error-prone paper trail process
  • Generating reliable field data for facility operators and engineers
  • Reporting to detail material sourcing and logistical support.

PESI also tapped our expertise to develop and implement a user acquisition strategy, with two primary goals:

  • Increase their customer database
  • Raise awareness about their products and equipment services.

Solutions Provided

  • A custom, cloud-based field management solution to improve productivity
  • Reduction of paper trails and generation of real-time operational data
  • Enablement of facility operators and engineers to generate requests for material sourcing and logistical support
  • A user acquisition strategy that leveraged PESI's relationships with other brands
  • A marketing automation plan that highlighted the availability of hard-to-find products and equipment.

Brand Impact

  • Our field management solution increased operator and engineer field data by 62%.
  • Our cross-platform system reduced paper trails by 13%.
  • Our cloud-based solution increased real-time reporting on material sourcing by 42%.
  • Our user acquisition strategy used data analytics to increase the identification of potential customers by 36%.
  • Our marketing automation solution engaged oil companies and drilling contractors, increasing conversion by 13%.

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