Martinni, Inc.
Business Acquisition
User Acquisition
Brand Awareness

The Client

A market leader in professional-use spa masks, Martinni was founded in 2003 in the United States. Along with masks, the company develops and manufactures disposable spa supplies, spa furniture, beauty equipment, cosmetics, eyelash extension supplies, depilatory products, and spa apparel. Martinni’s goal is to deliver the ultimate spa experience through luxury beauty products.

The Brief

Martinni Inc. had started to manufacture its products globally and wanted to raise awareness of their brands and products all around the world. We were also asked to tap into the international markets, raise awareness for the Martinni brand wherever they manufactured their products and help them market their products outside the United States market.

Solutions Provided

  • Advanced Analytical research that helped the client understand their audience’s interests.
  • A Customized Global Brand Management strategy developed leveraging brand tonality.
  • User Acquisition strategy that engaged audiences with creative content.
  • An optimized Customer Experience through analysis of real-time user exit funnels
  • An Automated Marketing Solution which panned various international timezones.
  • A Marketing Automation approach that involved Email, Search Engines, and Social Channels.

Impact On Brand

  • Our analysis based approach helped us create a brand management strategy that resonated with the audience
  • Our multi-channel marketing automation raised awareness about Martinni products by 56%
  • Our engagement-based approach helped increase new users acquisition by 30%
  • We increased the global audience for the Martinni brand by 65%
  • Our automated marketing plan interacted with the global audience 24/7

Services Offered

Marketing Automation
User Acquisition Services
Brand Management

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