Marathon Labels
Increase in
Brand Awareness
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Advanced Competitors Analytics used Brand Strategy

The Client

Marathon Labels is a printing company that specializes in UL-compliant labels (i.e., ones meeting the standards of safety certification organization Underwriters Laboratories). This company’s capabilities simplify label engineering for manufacturers. Focused on customer service, technological investment, and product innovation, Marathon Labels is family-owned and -operated.

The Brief

The client is a 3rd generation family-owned business with a strong reputation in the local marketplace. However, The Label Manufacturing company was facing strong competition and wanted to use a new Brand Strategy to create awareness and re-invigorate their audience. They chose us to be their partner and we helped them understand the gaps in their current approach to brand management and also highlighted the strengths of their competitors.

Solutions Provided

  • Analytical research on the key aspects of their top 4 competitors online.
  • Designing and Developing a Streamlined Solution that provided information about their manufacturing services strength.
  • Creating a Brand Management strategy focussing on 20 popular products and leveraging them to get our client on top Search Engine Results.
  • Automated Brand Awareness strategy with engaging customer experience assets.

Services Offered

Advanced Analytics
Brand Management
User Acquisition
Solution Design and Development

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