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Automated Regulatory Process
Increased Customers Satisfaction Levels
Decrease Mundane Tasks

The Client

Our client is the central bank of the United States of America. It is governed by a presidentially appointed board of governors or the Federal Board. It consists of twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks branches that are located in major cities across the nation that help the central bank, oversee and provide regulation to all privately owned commercial banks.

The Challenge

The client wanted a solution that made regulatory reporting faster, cheaper, and more secure. It also wanted a comprehensive digital solution that would help it digitize the bank's legacy infrastructure and would assist its partner branches in creating innovative customer-facing products and services.

Solutions Provided

  • A modern new digital platform solution and associated APIs
  • Digitized the corporate culture to take full advantage of the digital transformation
  • A hybrid cloud-based regulatory reporting system.
  • A simplified onboarding solution for all new customers.

Brand Impact

  • Our solution platform helped automate the regulatory process by 95%.
  • Our solution integrated AI and machine learning that helped new customers raising satisfaction levels by 92%.
  • Our digital transformation helped cut down on mundane tasks by 90%.
  • Our regulatory reporting system increased banking efficiency by 86%

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