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The Client

Electronics Testing is a global enterprise whose goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by designing and integrating well-engineered test solutions (ICT, FT, IOLT, DFT, ISP Programming and Boundary Scan) for the electronics community. They are an industry leader in developing and providing invaluable solutions in the Total Test Service Provider (TTSP) market.

The Brief

Electronics Testing was struggling to create a brand tonality in its properties that was a true reflection of their work both nationally and internationally. Their old solution was basic and caused customer usability issues. They were also struggling with brand awareness in their international manufacturing markets in Malaysia, South America and China. We were tasked with tackling all these challenges while also providing them a comprehensive User Acquisition strategy that would focus on their key markets in the United States.

Solutions Provided

  • Developing and designing a customized solution that displayed its message in local languages.
  • Customer Experience Transformation using Analytics about users and their browsing preferences.
  • A User Acquisition Strategy that targeted key markets and professional in the United States
  • A Brand Awareness Campaign for Malaysia, South America, and China, and their associated markets.

Impact On Brand

  • Our strategic User Acquisition Plan helped the awareness of the brand grow by 57%.
  • Our post across all Digital Channels helped raise audience engagement grow by 45%.
  • Our Marketing Automation plan reduced the marketing budget by 30%.
  • Our plan of strategic marketing increased relevant inquiries by 45%.
  • Our real-time dashboard analyzed over 25 Key Marketing Automation Indicators providing the brand with Improved Agility.

Services Offered

Solution Design and Development
Brand Mangement
User Acquisition

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