Facebook Case Study - A Convenient Foods and Beverages Company
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Reduced Recruitment Costs
Increased Candidate Applications
Increased Efficiency

The Client

Our client is a global leader in convenient foods and beverages with roots in the industry that go as far back as 1898. The company is made up of seven divisions with subdivisions in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, a subdivision in the Middle East and South Asia, one in the Asia Pacific, and another one managing Australia/New Zealand and China. All these division have their own history and operate semi-independently.

The Challenge

The client was facing challenges using a lean methodology to solve a lot of problems in their eCommerce. They wanted to move fast and transition towards a data-driven strategy while making sure that everything was tested. Their current team stuck in the legacy system was unable to comprehend the scope of the work and was having issues digitizing a company that size. The client asked us to build a team to solve their issues and help them procure talent to manage their subdivisions too.

Solutions Provided

  • We used a marketing automation campaign to search for candidates.
  • Digital process transformation to digitize the paper-based hiring system.
  • An omnichannel experience for recruiters across all field devices.
  • A solution portal to test and screen candidates.
  • Robotic Process Automation to automate the tests with 40 indicators provided by the client.
  • A hybrid cloud based onboarding solution.

Brand Impact

  • Our marketing automation campaign reduced recruitment costs by 93%.
  • Our ad campaign resulted in an increase in candidate applications of 85%.
  • Our omnichannel experience simplified the process for HR departments and increased efficiency by 95%.
  • Our robotic process automation screened candidates with a success rate of 81%.
  • Our digitized onboarding process increase business efficiency by 83%

Services Delivered

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