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Increase in productivity
Decrease in time to process financial applications.
Increase in the retrieval of quality of accurate data.

The Client

Our client is a multinational professional services network of firms headquartered in London. They provide audit and assurance, financial consultation, and tax services to their clients.

The Challenge

The company needed a secure reliable solution to monitor 600 back-office processes. They also wanted to retire the extensive use of Excel in their departments, and implement a solution that would help them -

  • Automation processes that streamlined work and approval flows.
  • Significantly cut back operational costs and continuously improve.
  • Increase productivity and customer service.
  • Increase the accessibility and quality of stored data.

Solutions Provided

  • A View360 solution with an emphasis on financial services and data security.
  • A record management process transition from excel to the View360 solution for fast retrieval of quality data.
  • A system that automated over 550 backend processes and raised warnings when human intervention required.
  • A system that improved cooperation between the back office and front departments.
  • An agile cloud service with automated data scaling to store the volumes of complex data.
Epikso Audit and Assurance Firm Case Study

Brand Impact

  • 50% Increase in the storage and retrieval of quality of accurate data.
  • 49% Increase in the ability to detect and track changes.
  • 31% Decrease in time for processing customer financial applications.
  • 43% Increase in productivity with automated workflows.
  • 24% Increase in customer service with View360 automating end to end processes.
  • 32% Increase in efficiency with interdepartmental cooperation.
Epikso Audit and Assurance Firm Case Study

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