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The Client

Sky Aviation has fleets of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters that it puts to use in diverse ways. The planes provide agricultural aerial applications, photography, and survey work. The helicopters conduct heavy-lift and external load services, search and rescue, firefighting, and aerial survey. Founded more than four decades ago, Sky Aviation’s primary values are efficiency and safety.

The Challenge

Sky Aviation needed the development of an online identity that was merged with the firm’s pilot and maintenance crew intranet. With the company’s booking and emergency request engine only available for updates via local intranet, the pilots could not update their databases during flights. Moreover, Sky Aviation’s existing properties weren't customer-friendly, resulting in revenue loss. Our job was to better understand these challenges and deploy solutions to swiftly address them.

Solutions Provided

  • A booking, request and emergency software-as-a-service (SaaS) engine built via Amazon Cloud.
  • Integration of the SaaS environment with Sky Aviation’s website for easier updating.
  • A new solution offering coherent and synergistic experience across all platforms.
  • A full Customer Experience Transformation through a streamlined solution designed for easier consumption of information about the client's aircraft and services.

Services Delivered

Solution Design and Development Services
Solution Design & Development
Digital Process Transformation Service
Digital Process Transformation
User Acquisition Services
User Acquisition
Marketing Automation

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