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Candidate Screening

With a highly effective team of experts, we strive to generate profit for our clients in each sphere. Our experts are thorough with the standards pertaining to their area of work and hence, they ensure that the recruitment screening process, as well as the selection process, takes place with utmost perfection.

We maintain work ethics by recruiting a team of hardworking individuals, and we take pride in calling ourselves one of the best Recruitment Company in California and worldwide.

candidate screening services

At Epikso we take candidate screening very seriously, we understand that all our clients are looking for finest candidates for their companies. Therefore, with our team of recruitment specialists, we carry out the whole screening process with sincerity. Our screening is done in multiple steps, where the first step being resume searching, matching the desired skills, including noticing what isn’t on the resume.

The second stage is Phone interviews followed by in-person interviews. We have also added Skills and Ability testing to our process so that we can assess the candidates better.

We also check references of the all the candidates, our other checks include, but is not limited to Work authorization verification, criminal background checks and drug tests(if required).

While we do this every day we have learned to keep our screening costs low while delivering quality services to all our clients.

So call us today and get best staffing services out there. Still not convinced? Wondering what you will be gaining after you outsource your staffing requirements to us: Zero screening test costs, time-saving and hassle-free services. And lastly, reduce the possibility of hiring those misfits. After all, one bad apple ruins the bunch.