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We at Epikso Inc. have a wide and varied experience in providing recruitment solutions to many companies, including Fortune 500 companies like H.P., Cisco, and Wipro etcetera. We hire the perfect talent to match your requirements to help your company grow further. At Epikso, we provide efficient Recruitment Services by taking time to understand your in-depth requirements and working to fulfill them.

Partner Management

Make a customer, not a sale. ~ Katherine Barchetti

Partner relationship management process can be defined as a business strategy used for improving communication between companies and their partners. The primary goal is to make it easy for your partners to do business with you through the development of a systems integration strategy. It’s of utmost importance to be more than familiar with your partners, what their needs are, what works for them and what doesn’t. Hence, having a detailed partner relationship management strategy is very important.

The benefits of having a partner relationship management processes are:

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  • It helps in Building up your brand.
  • It accelerates your business proposition to the partner’s level
  • It measures your partners' performance using multiple criteria.
  • It provides marketing-enabling and co-marketing funnel management functions.
  • It integrates with CRM, ERP, CMS, and LMS.
  • It engages with your partners via mobile and social communications.
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Project Staffing Services

Epikso Inc. makes the project staffing process of searching the top talents in the USA, an easy task. Our team goes through the hard processes of industry mapping, research, and sifting through the competent candidate profiles, in an efficient manner. After identification, we take time to match their competence with the detailed job description. And, after being assured that we have found the right person, we use our social and professional contacts to reach them.

We have been helping to hire the best managers for the job, for decades. We find the right personnel and ensure that they mix with the ethos of working in a Fortune 500 company. Whatever it may be, a particular combination of skill set you need. Or, a blend of business, technical, and interpersonal skills you specify. No matter how challenging your requirements are, Epikso will get you a highly skilled workforce according to your needs.

Professional Staffing Solution

We research and create a personalized database that matches your requirement and, use it to hire for every field, trade, and profession. Our professional staffing solutions go through every initial task and leave only the final selection to you. The database is devised to save valuable time and energy. Once we have the right database, we interview the candidates and finally submit the applicants’ details to you, for a final confirmation.

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You can browse our available talent, submit your request online or call us at +1-925-448-6138 for immediate assistance. It’s that easy. Our intensive screening process ensures you always get the right talent for your consulting and direct-hire staffing requirements.

For consultants and job seekers, we offer unique staffing solutions with some of the world's most prominent corporations such as the Fortune 500 Companies Cisco, Wipro etc. Our recruiters personally ensure that they understand the professional experiences of the candidate, his/her career interests and goals.

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Candidate Screening

Candidate Screening / Screening Process In Recruitment

With a team of efficient experts, we strive to generate profit for our clients in each and every sphere. Our experts are thorough with high standards, pertaining to their area of work and therefore, they ensure that the recruitment screening and selection process takes place with perfection.

We maintain a high standard of work ethic and have a team of hard-working individuals. That is why we take pride in calling ourselves a reputed Recruitment Company in California and worldwide