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Asset health tracking

Optimize your maintenance costs with real time IoT enabled asset health tracking. Get predictive maintenance insights and red alerts about asset downtime, heating or failure.

Inventory management and parts tracking

Track, manage and control inventory movement real-time with native GIS tracking.

Generate and scan QR codes to view stock status, price, manufacturer, location and other asset details on the go by technicians and field staff.

Get real time low inventory notifications, build automated processes to restock low inventory items.

health IoT sensors

Monitor real time asset health

IoT sensors ensure real time asset health tracking for predictive and preventive maintenance insights.

 Scan QR Codes

Scan QR codes for inventory tracking

Maintain serial numbers and barcodes to view parts stock and restock low inventory parts.

Easy access to technicians

Easy access to technicians

Asset information is easily accessible to technicians on the go on their mobile devices.

Transform into a modern business with the View 360
asset management solution

Enable your asset managers to become more productive by migrating from paper and
spreadsheets to a computerized and automated maintenance system with a ready to
use and continuously updated asset management solution.

Equip your field crew with easy access to asset information

Easy access to asset information for technician's on their mobile devices.

Online service forms and customer forms for easy access at client site.

Upload images, manuals, warranty documents, service details for your tools and equipments.

Asset Management

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