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Marketing & Lead Generation

Marketing & Lead Generation AutomationMany companies looking to marketing automation as a way to deliver engaging content to new and existing customers. The days of trying to blast out the same message to your target market is rapidly being replaced with more advanced forms of client engagement. We assist businesses integrate marketing automation strategies into their environments and then provide ongoing solutions on how to get the most from lead generation marketing campaigns.

When embarking on email marketing campaigns, you need to know more than ‘open rates’ and potential ‘click-through traffic.’ Your business needs to put steps in place that readily identify when a prospect is interested and when a prospect should be further contacted by your sales team. Anything less than that is likely to alienate your target audience and waste valuable marketing and sales resources.

EPIKSO uses a range of marketing automation strategies to identify the right system for your business. You can either engage us to implement marketing automation in your business or you can try the technology in our environment and we’ll manage the entire process for you. Once you’ve decided on the right technology, we can easily transition the software into your environment and then work through all parts of the implementation requirements to make sure it meets your specific needs.

We can assist with:

Campaign Management and Lead Nurturing
Email Marketing
Lead Scoring
Landing Page and Form Management
Social and Multi-Channel Marketing
CRM Integration

Sales Tools
Data Management
Reporting and Analytics
Pricing, Implementation and Services
Access, Security and International Support
Technology, Infrastructure and Company Information

Global Call Centers
Our call centers are India- & US-based and our staff is highly trained in effective
sales techniques. You can rest assured that when we make calls on behalf of your
business (1) we know the areas being called, (2) we have a solid understanding of
your industry and (3) we can relate to your clients, regardless of their position or
title. Our process of engaging contacts, converting leads and developing
partnerships makes us the first choice for repeat business with our customers.

Global Call Centers
Inbound & Outbound Calling

Local Inbound & Outbound Calling Numbers
Our call centers are geared to make calls nationally and receive calls nationally in a localized environment. This enables us to be local where it matters; ensuring messages to your clients for ‘call back’ are left with local numbers. We can do lead generation, telemarketing and appointment setting for all over USA & India.

Dedicated Account ManagersEpikso provides their clients with dedicated Account Managers. This allows our highly trained sales staff to build a relationship with your team and personally report back to you on a frequent basis. It also provides a great ability to really understand your company, product, industry and prospect. Just another way we maximize quality leads for businesses just like yours.

Dedicated Account Managers

Business to Business & Business to Customer Cold CallingThere are many effective ways that we can generate leads for your business but few are as effective as picking up the phone and calling people. Many clients ask us how we have become so effective at generating face-to-face appointments and managing leads that maximize so many opportunities.

Over the years, we have honed our skills and have put systems in place that enable us to personalize every campaign in a very unique way. Our aim is to make sure we are targeting the most suitable person within a prospective business and then use tailored sales techniques to quickly and effectively develop a valuable conversation about your company.

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Marketing & Lead Generation