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Website Design, Development & Service


A domain is just the beginning. An eye-catching website or an engaging online store which is the key to brand recognition when your big idea is ready for the world, is just one click away.

What are the Reasons Websites Fail

There are a multitude of reasons a website can fail, even with free “professional” website design services, many websites are just not built correctly, especially when it comes to being dynamic and and being compatible for a range of mobile devices. Many sites are (Anti) Social media, and have no cross compatibility with sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Struggles with SEO and backlinks push what could be a beautiful website to the very last pages of a google search (who really clicks past the first page). This is just the tip of the iceberg, fortunately Epik Solutions can help solve each and everyone of this business problems.

Why Epik Solutions

Unique Business Representation

Get an online experience that ‘uniquely’ reflects your business identity

Custom business workflows

Create a workflow experience tailored to maximize sales , improve employee productivity and best in class customer management

Front office modernization

Digitize manual tasks for increased employee productivity & a modern patient experience

Business Process Automation

Create custom workflows for increased patient & service management experience integrated with your back end systems

Stand out on the web

Make your Practice stand out with your differentiated identity

Automate Business tasks

Automate tedious & manual tasks for customer and employee management , integrated with your back end systems

Tailored Experience

Get an online presence which truly differentiates you from the rest .

Grow Sales

Design a custom online RFQ submission process tailored to your industry needs for increased pipeline

Business Management Workflows

Automate workflows for increased employee productivity and improve sales management cycle

Improve Productivity

Create for  your attorneys and clients a digitized experience for increased productivity and effective client engagement

Local SEO

Be found locally to drive more traffic in store

Video Chat & Live Visitor Chat

Does your business need a real time video web communication conferencing system solution ?

Appointment Scheduling

Make it easy for new clients to request or book an appointment using your website

File Sharing (Using Dropbox , Google drive etc .)

We make it easy to distribute files from your site to multiple destinations of your choice

Auto Email & SMS Scheduler

Easily Schedule emails alerts ,reach prospects clients at exactly the right time

Increase leads

Drive new ‘qualified’ leads to your site .

4 Pillars of Strength

Here at Epik Solutions we have 4 pillars of strength.


First and most important, in order to build mutually beneficial, long lasting business relationships, we pride ourselves on putting our best foot forward, leading with honesty and integrity. Although technical expertise doesn’t hurt, we find this to be a key factor in building a happy customer base.

Top Talent:

We have the best designers in the industry hands down. We have an experienced and skilled design team as well as a dedicate team to servicing our cliental. We participate and lead in industry conferences nationally, this allows us to bring cutting edge ideas and technology to each and everyone of our customers.


We are fully committed to each one of our customers, no matter how small or how large, we strive to give everyone the same level and quality of service. We pride ourselves on keeping our commitments to our customers, weather it is scope of work or time frame, we are willing to work night, weekends, holidays whatever it takes to keep our customers happy.


We striver to deliver one of a kind content and designs, our team creates fully customized, one a kind website in the fastest time to market in the industry.

Epik Perks

We offer end-to-end services for every aspect of your digital world. We know your business is always changes, we offer unlimited revisions to your digital footprint for the lifetime of your partnership with us. Our seasoned developers can have a website demo turned around for your company in as little as twelve hours. On top of beautiful aesthetics, we guarantee the functionality of your site; we will generate high traffic, more qualified leads and drastically broaden the range of customers being exposed to your brand. We use the top open source CMS on top of our proprietary system, after a detailed analysis of your needs and objects, we recommended the best possible content management system for your business. All of our sites are built and optimized for search engine optimization, and every website we create comes with social media optimization.